Reading has no destination. It is the art of transposing graphemes into words, these words to sentences. Reading is a intentional amble through which we can begin much self-discovery.  

Reading is a great leveller. It cares not for culture or background, race or sexual preference. At its best, reading crosses all social barriers: it can raise the lowly to any high. Reading highlights the mistakes of the past; providing glimpses of future Utopias.

Reading is fundamental for teaching writing, and speaking, and everything that remains. But we’ve cluttered it with question stems and assessment criteria. Hints, tips and shortcuts are replacing the awe and wonder of written word. The teaching of reading reduced to a progress measure .

Let’s not lose sight of why we go to so much trouble of teaching reading: a great leveller in an unjust society. Reading is not a destination but can begin to smooth the road. If taught well, by engulfing children with a love of reading, then it can remove the debris ahead.


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